Travel in 2019…Or how not to open a travel agency!

Welcome to 2019. Sorry that I am a little late in wishing you one, but it's been a hectic time at Greybull Travel.

You see, we're new. Not "new" like in "inexperienced." "New" like in "Oh, my God, after 37 years in the travel industry, Let's open a Travel Agency." Oh, and do it full time. And rather than start at home, open up a physical, brick-and-mortar, location. And, since we live in Greybull, WY, population, less that 1600, let's name it Greybull Travel. What, pray tell, could go wrong with that strategy?

On December 18, I, your ever-popular, well, semi-popular, ok, one-person-likes-me-enough-to-not-scream-at-me-constantly host of this blog (Call me "Ishmael" because I hate "Dale".), gets the FEIN (if you don't know what that is, think the dang gone gubmint knows I have a business and wants me to pay them this graft called "taxes") for an LLC, calling it Greybull Travel. That's step one. Step two? Have my partner of 10 years decide he wants to join me. Now form new LLC as a partnership with a new FEIN. And make the dog the CCO, Cute Canine Officer. Total cost? Let's say, at this rate I'll have enough saved to retire 20 years after I'm dead.

Next, find a store front for Greybull Travel named after the town, Greybull. (Sorry to be Captain Obvious there, but you'll soon see why.) We spent two weeks looking. One spot might open up, she decided to stay in business. Another was open, but I don't think a travel agency needs four hair-washing sinks so we passed. We could have remodeled but I have an aversion to going to the ER every day I am fixing something. The Chinese Restaurant has half its storefront unused, but didn't want to rent it out. Seeing a theme here? So....

Greybull Travel rented space in Basin WY (population under 1300) instead. And it's inside a laundromat. Yep. A coin-operated laundry. There is a wall that separates us from the unclean (clothing) masses. So, we're in business, right? Sounds like we got it all solved, right? Except that little thing of Greybull Travel being in Basin. I can deal with that!

So, we get all our little ducks in a row. Wait, I don't have ducks. I have squirrels that are being chased by dogs. Anyway, those squirrels are scurrying hither and yon, but we are closer to opening. All that stands in our way is furniture! And fixtures! So, we got desks; we got shelving; we got internet installed. We still haven't found chairs.

Those chairs are the bane of my existence. Never go into business with someone you love. You'll find that each of you thinks the other has the taste of a color-blind hooker on crack. Hopefully, we'll agree on chairs this week. If not, they'll never find the body.

So, now that I am completely out of my mind, I get a call from John, a real estate agent in Greybull.  The florist, who is selling her building/business, is looking to rent it out as well.  So off we traipse, on safari, to deepest downtown Greybull, a full 3 blocks from the house. Of course we drove!  Do you think I am crazy enough to walk that far?  (Besides, I'll have to do it at least three times in the next two hours when the CCO needs to go out.)

Of course the space is perfect, the rent is reasonable (not as reasonable as the laundromat which is $150.00 a month), and we really want to be in Greybull. But we can't have two locations to start off, can we?  Of course not! How stupid do you think we are?  We sign the lease on storefront two in Greybull on Wednesday.

We're down to the wire here folks! February 7, 2019, is our Grand Opening. Come by the shop if you're in the area. We have refreshment! We have give-awaays! We have a drawing with the Grand Prize being a free cruise (see agent for details)! And guess what? We will even have chairs.  I hope!

Happy New Year, Again!

Thank you for letting us book your travel and making your travel dreams come true.

Till next time.

Ishmael A.K.A. Dale

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