Rick Neuhardt

Office Manager and Sr. Travel Advisor

After 30 years working for The Ohio State (don't leave out the "The" as it's trademarked). Rick headed west to work in Yellowstone National Park. 

There, his already great interest in all things Western blossomed and he joined Dale in founding our agency. He especially loves Rodeos. Want come out West and spend Cowboy Christmas (which is in July, by the way)? He can set that up as well. 
Rick loves traveling to Walt Disney World, the American West, and our National Parks, making him the perfect advisor for your domestic travel needs.
Additionally, Rick loves history and can help you find the perfect trip back in time, whether it be to a Revolutionary War Battlefield, a Civil War Tour, a Day of Remembrance on Omaha Beach, or a tour of Merry Old Tudor England.

If this is your cup of tea, call or text Rick today.


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