Our Advisors and Our Clients: A Synergy

Or why we partner with you!

Somewhere in the middle of the Internet Revolution, an off-ramp to self-service travel was added.  Then another. Then another. And ad infinitum. Price became the driver, not the experience. Service went the way of the dodo. This may be right for some people, but not for everyone. . .or even most. We want to change that.

Our agents, and specifically your agent will be with you every step of the way. Need advice at 3 am on what to do about a cancelled flight? Expedia will route you to an overseas call center to an agent who has no training in what to do. A subpar hotel? We won't book you there, but if it happens, we'll fight to make it right.

In short, we travel. We get it. We want it to be special. We don't book your experience. We curate it. Whether it's a short trip to a Las Vegas or the World Cruise you've dreamed of all your life, we are there for you every step of the way. Besides, will Priceline remember your child's name and birthday? We are here for you. All the way. All the time.

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